Pilot Project Program

20121104_103237The goal of CRESSH’s Pilot Project Program is to support EHD research in new and emerging topic areas, by encouraging researchers across multiple disciplines to think about how their areas of expertise could be combined to produce novel insights and advances in this field. We aim to support projects that, through innovative approaches or new collaborative structures, can evolve into independently funded efforts through research and/or demonstration. We recognize the value of conducting interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research across various communities that experience disparities in environmental exposures and health.

We specifically encourage submission of project proposals that enhance our field and analytical efforts (including activities in CRESSH partner communities of Chelsea and Dorchester, Massachusetts), utilize CRESSH datasets in novel ways, test methods developed with CRESSH within new communities, or develop and apply new methods that would inform EHD issues under study within CRESSH. Our pilot project request for applications will be an open call, but we encourage multidisciplinary applications that are synergistic with CRESSH themes and activities, and we will emphasize each year the thematic areas and infrastructure that could be leveraged by applicants.


1) Support collaborative, cross-disciplinary EHD research in new and emerging topic areas within the target communities of Chelsea and Dorchester.

2) Support the application of methods and approaches to address EHDs across a wide range of underserved communities in the United States via a national network of researchers.

3) Provide seed funding that, along with CRESSH’s resources and mentorship from CRESSH investigators, will allow junior investigators the chance to maximize opportunities for collaborative research and independent funding in new and emerging topic areas within EHD research.

Contact: John Spengler, Program Lead: spengler@hsph.harvard.edu

Pilot Project FAQ