Lab Alumni and their current positions

Post-doctoral Fellows

Mudit Chaand (Post-doc): Scientist, Cell and Molecular Biology, Syros Pharmaceuticals

Martha Clark (Post-doc): Scientist, Ensoma

Jeff Dvorin (Post-doc): Associate in Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Elizabeth Egan (Post-doc): Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases) and of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford University

Camila Tenorio Franca (Post-doc): Postdoctoral Fellow, Mina Lab, HSPH

Markus Ganter (Post-doc): Junior Group Leader, Heidelberg University

Christof Gruring (Post-doc): Postdoctoral Researcher at Institute of Cell Biology, University of Bern

Cameron Jennings (Post-doc): Senior Sustainability Officer, Lake Macquarie

Rays Jiang (Post-doc): Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Paul Lantos (Clinical Fellow): Associate Professor, general internal medicine and pediatric infectious disease, Duke University

Catherine Merrick (Post-doc): Senior University Lecturer, Division of Microbiology and Parasitology, University of Cambridge

Yovany Moreno (Post-doc): Senior Manager Screening Parasitology at Merial

Saurabh Patel (Post-doc): Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University, New York

Katy Saliba-Shaw (Post-doc): Assistant Scientist, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Venée Tubman (Clinical Fellow): Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics (Hematology/Oncology), Baylor College of Medicine

Kristen Skillman (Post-doc), Project Manager, Global Public Health, Eisai US

PhD Students

Amy Bei (PhD student): Assistant Professor, Yale University

Bradley Coleman (PhD student): Co-Director Harvard Medical School Curriculum Fellows Program

Christy Comeaux (MD, PhD student): Project Officer at The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership

Selasi Dankwa (PhD student): Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Washington, Seattle

Tiffany Desimone (PhD student): Principal Medical Writer at Ashfield

Caeul Lim (PhD student): Assistant Scientific Editor, Cell Press

Gabe Rangel (PhD student): Postdoctoral Fellow at Penn State University

Deepali Ravel (Visiting PhD student): Curriculum Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Research Assistants

Arianna Bonilla (Research Assistant): Research Associate, Entrada Therapeutics

Charles Frantzreb (Research Assistant): Medical student, University of Pennsylvania

Aziz Kosber (Research Assistant): Project Development Engineer, Carbon Holdings

Jale Manzo (Research Assistant): Research Associate, CRISPR Therapeutics

Mischka Moechtar (Research Assistant): Business Associate Consultant, ZS Associates

Nicole Petersen (Research Assistant): Research Associate, Indigo Ag

Senior Thesis Projects

Yvette Leung (Undergraduate): MBA Candidate at the Wharton School

Ashley Lopez (Undergraduate): Undergraduate


Other Past Members:

Ambroise Ahouidi

Dylan Wilks

Lucas Buyon

Brendan Elsworth

Patrice Groomes

Nicolai Jung

Rebecca Lee

Caroline Keroack

Novalia Pishesha

Estela Shabani