Q. I would like to apply for the Fellowship, but cannot commit 11-12 months to living abroad. Am I still eligible?
No, one of the main requirements of the Program is that trainees must train in the LMIC where they plan to carry out their research plan for 11 to 12 consecutive months during the fellowship.

Q. I am affiliated with a US institution other than one of the four HBNU consortium members or other NIH FIC consortia; am I eligible to apply?
Yes, you may apply as long as you meet the rest of the eligibility criteria.

Q. I am a master’s (or undergraduate) student from one of the four consortium institutions, am I eligible to apply?
No, the program is not accepting master’s or undergraduate students at this time.

Q. I am an international student enrolled in a PhD program at one of the US consortium universities. Do I qualify for this fellowship?
For the U.S. pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships, only U.S. citizens and green card holders are eligible. For the LMIC fellowships, predoctoral students are eligible for the program in their home country at the affiliated site.

Q. What does the fellowship include?

Depending on the type of your award:

– Monthly stipend for 12 months, depending on availability. All stipends are potentially taxable under U.S. and international law.
– Funding for research support (lab supplies, software…)
– International health insurance for U.S. applicants
– Required vaccinations for U.S. applicants
– Visa and passport fees
– Round trip overseas travel to the training site for U.S. applicants
– Travel and accommodation to attend the orientation at NIH in July