Christopher Robert Sudfeld
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Christopher Robert Sudfeld

Associate Professor of Global Health and Nutrition

Global Health and Population

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Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Nutrition


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Dr. Sudfeld's research focuses on the interaction of nutrition and infection on maternal and child health in resource-limited settings. His research and education program is focused in three areas:

i) Randomized trials of nutrition and infection interventions
ii) Observational studies examining the relationship between early life nutrition and infection, child development, and human capital outcomes in adolescence and adulthood
iii) Research capacity building at partner organizations in epidemiologic methods and biostatistics


Facilitators, barriers, and key influencers of breastfeeding among low birthweight infants: a qualitative study in India, Malawi, and Tanzania.

Vesel L, Benotti E, Somji S, Bellad RM, Charantimath U, Dhaded SM, Goudar SS, Karadiguddi C, Mungarwadi G, Vernekar SS, Kisenge R, Manji K, Salim N, Samma A, Sudfeld CR, Hoffman IF, Mvalo T, Phiri M, Saidi F, Tseka J, Tsidya M, Caruso BA, Duggan CP, Israel-Ballard K, Lee AC, Mansen KL, Martin SL, North K, Young MF, Fishman E, Fleming K, Semrau KE, Spigel L, Tuller DE, Henrich N.

Int Breastfeed J. 2023 11 08. 18(1):59. PMID: 37940987