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The Office of Faculty Affairs is responsible for all aspects of administration pertaining to faculty, research scientist, and annual appointments, as well as faculty searches and standing committees of the faculty.

 Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy and Procedures

Harvard has adopted a University-wide policy on sexual and gender-based harassment that addresses harassment based on sex – including sexual violence – sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Harvard University Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment can be found here: http://titleix.harvard.edu/files/title-ix/files/harvard_sexual_harassment_policy.pdf?m=1461104544

The Office of the Assistant to the President provides links to all of the following documents as well as additional information that may be helpful: http://diversity.harvard.edu/pages/title-ix-sexual-harassment

Procedures for Complaints Against Students: https://titleix.harvard.edu/procedures-complaints-against-students

Procedures for Complaints Against Staff: https://titleix.harvard.edu/procedures-complaints-against-staff

Procedures for Complaints Against Harvard Chan School Faculty: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/faculty-affairs/faculty/miscellaneous-policies/grievance-procedures-for-faculty/

To find the procedures for a complaints against a faculty member at another Harvard School, go to the following link on website for the Office of the Assistant to the President website and select the school/unit based on the affiliation of the that faculty member: http://diversity.harvard.edu/other-policies-procedures-school

If you are unsure of the faculty member’s affiliated school/unit, contact one of the Harvard T.H. Chan School Title IX Coordinators.

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