Salary and Extra Compensation

(revised 1/4/2010)

Salaries for First Appointment

In 2009, the school formally adopted the NIH/NRSA stipend guidelines ( as the minimum salary for Harvard Chan School postdoctoral research fellows.  These guidelines are based on years of postdoctoral experience, and will also be used as a baseline for setting salaries for other annual appointees.

In order to offer competitive salaries, departments and PIs are encouraged to pay postdocs and other researchers as generously as they are able, beyond the NIH guidelines.

All new appointees will receive an offer letter that states their annual salary; the offer letter must be signed and returned by the appointee before their appointment paperwork is finalized.

Salary Increases

Salary increases occur annually, on July 1.  Salaries for postdoctoral research fellows must be adjusted annually to minimally meet the NIH guideline levels for their years of postdoctoral experience.

Extra Compensation

Extra compensation is defined as an unusual, nonrecurring, and extraordinary payment for Harvard work that falls entirely beyond the normal, regular job assignment. Extra compensation should not be used as a regular supplement to an individual’s salary nor as a means to pay overtime. Repeated requests for extra compensation for the same activity may be denied. All requests for extra compensation must be approved by Faculty Affairs.