Our vision

Health, dignity, and justice for every human.

Our mission

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health works to improve health and promote equity so all people can thrive.

Together, we:

  • DISCOVER| Research drivers of health, disease, and inequity and develop powerful solutions.
  • TEACH | Train creative leaders to identify, analyze, and tackle challenges to population health.
  • ENGAGE | Collaborate with policy makers, practitioners, and the public to drive meaningful change.

The Harvard Chan Principles of Citizenship

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is a global community committed to building a world with health, dignity, and justice for every human being.

This mission unites us. But we also recognize that members of our community come from different backgrounds, hold different viewpoints, and have differing degrees of power and responsibility. Each of us may define the path forward differently, filtering it through the distinctive prisms of our identities and our lived experiences.

Building a safe and inclusive community that respects and harnesses our many differences requires developing guidelines for our institutional culture: the Principles of Citizenship.

These principles are not abstract values. They are foundational expectations for how we interact with one another and with everyone we encounter as representatives of Harvard Chan School. The principles reflect our shared commitment to building a pluralistic community—and world—where everyone can thrive.


We respect the dignity and worth of every human being. We work hard to build a culture of inclusivity, where all people feel welcomed as their authentic selves, valued for their unique contributions to our community and our mission, and supported in their personal and professional growth. We actively seek to learn from those with different perspectives and experiences.


We uphold the highest standards of scientific, academic, and personal integrity. We recognize that our words and actions have impact, and we strive to hold ourselves and one another accountable for making our contributions well-informed and positive, in the workplace and beyond. When we fall short, we acknowledge and seek to learn from our missteps.


We strive to make our community kind and supportive for every member. We assume good intentions. We seek meaningful collaboration. We value the free exchange of ideas, even when they make us uncomfortable, and we expect those ideas to be shared in a spirit of respect and recognition of our common purpose.


We know that building a healthier and more sustainable world requires patience, persistence, and a deep commitment to listen and learn, especially from those who have long been marginalized. Whatever our title or role, we can each contribute meaningfully to our mission.

We won’t get everything right. We will keep trying.

Our vision, mission, and principles of citizenship are living documents. We will revisit them annually and update as needed to reflect our community’s evolving culture and enduring commitment to building a world where everyone can thrive.