Office of Research Strategy and Development
Welcome to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Office of Research Strategy and Development (ORSD)

Our School of Public Health (SPH) has a large and comprehensive research portfolio, spanning the behavioral, population and biological sciences. With research being conducted in nine academic departments and multiple school-wide research centers, our faculty receive funding from a wide range of federal and non-federal sources.

The Office of Research Strategy and Development (ORSD) was created to provide catalytic & strategic support for the School’s research by:

  • Supporting researchers in growing and diversifying research funding
  • Increasing competitiveness for extramural research support
  • Developing and implementing research policy to protect and enhance resources
  • Optimizing administrative support for research
  • Catalyzing emerging and inter-departmental research

ORSD pursues these strategic aims by coordinating research development resources across the School:ORSDStrategicAims_figure_FINAL.10.20.15

Our office is committed to advancing the School’s capacity to create a healthier world through the very best research development supports we can offer.  Have a New Research/Project idea or Donor Opportunity?
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This website is designed to help you understand how to leverage the system of research development resources that are in place to help you achieve your research goals. We hope that you find it useful and welcome your questions and feedback.