Faculty NIH Grant Proposal Writing Course

The Fall 2023 course has been filled. To be placed on the waitlist for the Spring semester, please email Vanessa Barton at vbarton@hsph.harvard.edu. 

The Office of Research Strategy and Development (ORSD) administers the Faculty NIH Grant Proposal Writing Course. The course is offered twice annually and is designed to assist primary faculty who are actively developing NIH grant proposals for upcoming cycles.

This course is targeted to faculty with a range of experience writing grant proposals and focuses on the sections of NIH proposals that are particularly challenging and most important for reviewers: specific aims, significance, innovation, approach, title, narrative, and abstract. The course will be led by Donald Halstead, Lecturer on Epidemiology and Director of Writing Programs in the Office of Education.  Sessions will be held via Zoom. In addition to the online group meetings and instructor review, individual coaching sessions will also be available as needed.


“I participated in the ORSD Faculty Grant Writing Short Course in the Fall of 2012 and I’m very happy to say that the grant I wrote during the course was funded on the first submission. I have no doubt that the course was instrumental in the success of the RO1 application. The process of writing, getting detailed feedback and insight from the instructors and fellow faculty participants and then editing is incredibly useful and helpful, as is playing the role of “reviewer” when providing feedback to your peers. The course should serve as a model for all grant writing and I highly encourage everyone to take it.”

Sebastien Haneuse, BIO Professor