Programs for Organizations

Tailored Professional Leadership Development for Your Organization

Foster the growth of your current and emerging leaders and your entire organization by developing a custom program that will address the specific challenges you and your organization are facing in today’s marketplace. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health collaborates with a limited number of organizations to design effective leadership development opportunities.

Please note that our custom programs are offered for organizations only. If you are an individual professional aiming to further develop your career, knowledge, and skills, please find your ideal program by visiting our program finder.

What is a Custom Program?

Our custom programs are educational programs designed for whole teams and organizations to address specific areas. We believe there is no perfect “off the shelf” solution to your organization’s challenges and opportunities. Our custom-designed programs allow for the best possible solution—tailor-made for your people and your mission.

Our process for developing a custom program is highly collaborative. We integrate our research, knowledge, and experience with the unique challenges and goals your organization faces to design and deliver a 100-percent customized program. Our driving goal is to provide your team with advanced skills and knowledge to help your organization succeed. You choose the topics for the curriculum, select the program length, and define the location. Our world-class Harvard faculty is tightly integrated into the design process, providing our clients with a seamless transition from concept to program delivery. Through a parallel improvement in people and processes, using knowledge applications, exemplary design processes and world-class faculty, we foster positive change in your organization.

Renowned Faculty and Reputation

Our custom programs have a global reputation for academic excellence and are led by world class Harvard faculty and respected thought leaders who are:

  • On the cutting edge of the latest business concepts and theories for developing the best possible solutions for organizations.
  • Recognized for their publications and contributions in health care leadership and public health.

Unparalleled Experience

Over 90% of our program participants rate our programs as “Exceed Expectations”

We have been deploying successful executive education programs that:

  • Combine strategic and tactical methodologies to allow for critical analysis which yield tools for effective implementation and results.
  • Partner with leading health care organizations, working to improve health care processes and people worldwide.
  • Focus simultaneously on a parallel path of people and process optimization.
  • Bring contextual relevance to your organization by using the Active Applied Learning strategy — learning while doing.
  • Meet nationally recognized standards for continuing professional education, as well as certification requirements in many areas.

Variable Program Location

Available in your backyard or the Harvard Yard

The location of the program is just as flexible as the topics. Hold the program at our campus and provide your employees with a taste of the Harvard experience, with a guided tour of Harvard Yard followed by dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club. Alternatively, if your organization prefers the convenience of learning locally, our Harvard faculty will travel to your location. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health brings custom programs to organizations around the globe.

Customized Design Process

Custom programs are adaptive and agile in design, development, and deployment

Our innovative and adaptive custom program design process allows for a targeted approach from start to finish. We are committed to helping your company overcome obstacles and succeed.

  • The process begins with a complimentary consultation in which we work with you to assess your needs and goals.
  • Program length will be determined depending on your needs. Programs can be designed to span a single day, several consecutive days, or as a series of sessions presented over time.
  • A targeted curriculum will be crafted to provide practical outcomes and address your organization’s specific challenges. We work with you to shape and form the program in real time, with perfect alignment to your organization’s goals.
  • The end result is a program that achieves your goals. We are partners in your success.

Innovative Methodologies

Our unique approach to building programs is a major advantage for our clients—fast, effective, and efficient. A primary focus on understanding your needs and goals allows for:

  • Ongoing communications and collaboration
  • Tailoring of the curriculum
  • The creation of web seminars
  • Using applicable cases and readings
  • Personal project-based learning, with remote support
  • Evaluating the successes and pitfalls post-program
  • Building a foundation for continuous improvement

Flexible Delivery Model

Our targeted approach is 100% customized for you in a parallel and collaborative fashion

  • Our learning methodology is based upon our customized user-centric innovation process
  • Custom design means our programs fit your culture, people, and processes
  • Aligned to your organizational imperatives
  • Program duration, location, and delivery are selected by you

Results-Based Outcomes

Custom programs apply a practical application of knowledge with learning focused on measureable outcomes which we co-develop in order to:

  • Deliver outcomes that are directly applicable to your organization, both quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Compare measurable results against your specific performance goals and objectives
  • Provide actionable solutions, not just an intellectual discussion
  • Ensure that the program goals are sustainable and integrated

Harvard faculty have created specialized learning objectives and health care-focused outcomes on a variety of health care topics, including but not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Branding, Reputation, and Trust Building
  • Health Care Process Improvement
  • Project Management in Health Care
  • Health Policy
  • Patient Safety and Quality
  • Health Information Technology
  • Workforce Wellness
  • Operations Management
  • Health Care Finance
  • Team Building
  • Strategy and Futures
  • Change Management
  • Meeting Effectiveness
  • Managing with Metrics

…and more

Organizations That Have Recently Benefited From Custom Programs Include:

  • Advocate Health Care
  • America’s Health Insurance Plans
  • BHP Billiton
  • California Community Clinics
  • California Primary Care Association
  • Culinary Institute of America
  • EMD Serono, Inc.
  • Health Authority of Abu Dhabi
  • Institute of Preventative Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • King Abdulaziz University School of Medicine
  • Loyola University Health System
  • North Shore—LIJ Health System
  • Northwest Regional Primary Care Association
  • Oasis Hospital of Abu Dhabi
  • Partners Healthcare System
  • Partners in Health
  • Portland IPA
  • Shands HealthCare
  • Spectrum Health System

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