Background & Process

The Research Strategy Review (RSR) was a comprehensive review of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s research vision led by David Hunter, former Acting Dean and Dean for Academic Affairs, and other key members of the School’s senior leadership.

The RSR involved two dimensions: (1) Inquiry – setting research priorities and identifying areas of research investment that will position the School to remain a world class research institution in 2030 and  beyond, and (2) Institutional Planning – establishing institutional infrastructure, partnerships, and commitments to achieve research priorities and structure internal governance guidelines to advance the School’s  research agenda.

The primary goals of the RSR were:

  1. Identify research areas that are most likely to define the future of public health research including cutting edge methods and emerging research areas
  2. Identify academic/scientific resource strengths, gaps, and challenges

Striving for a participatory and transparent process, the RSR spent a year and a half gathering information and developing the Strategy. Data sources included:

  • Eight “Quads” (groups of four faculty and administrators tasked to deliberate and provide recommendations on specific aspects of the School’s research mission)
  • Departmental Self-Assessments
  • Survey of primary faculty
  • Research Scientist survey
  • External Review of Life Sciences
  • Four faculty discussion sessions
  • Two faculty retreats
  • Financial and administrative data review
  • Review of peer institution strategies

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