Previous DFSA Awardees


Activation Awardees 2018-2021
Activation Awards represent a critical component of the funding program and are intended to support idea generation for junior faculty.

Activation 2021

Rui Duan,
Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
Transprs: A Federated Transfer Learning Framework for Improving Polygenic Risk Prediction In Underrepresented Populations


Anna Sanaiko, Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management
Utilization and Impact of a Novel Form of Out-Of-Pocket Cost Information for Prescription Drugs on Prescribing Decisions

Mingyang Song, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Microbiome-Based Approach for Improved Colorectal Cancer Prevention with Dietary Fiber and Beyond

Activation 2020

Jessica Cohen, Associate Professor, Global Health and Population
Evidence-Based Policy for Maternal Health: A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of the Impact of Innovative Medicaid Policies on Women’s Use of Effective Postpartum Contraception and Safe Birth Spacing

Carmen Messerlian, Assistant Professor, Nutrition
The Preconception Intervention Program for Healthy Reproduction (PIPER) Project

Shoba Ramanadhan, Assistant Professor, SBS
New Measures and Professional Development Opportunities to Promote Evidence-based Cancer Prevention and Control in Underserved Communities 

Activation 2019

Kevin Croke, Assistant Professor, Global Health and Population
The Political Origins of Ethiopia’s Primary Health Care Expansion

Lindsay Jaacks, Assistant Professor, Global Health and Population
Empowering Consumers to Reduce their Exposures to Environmental Chemicals

Zac Nagel, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
Genomic Integrity Mechanisms Underlying Disparities in Age-related Disease Risk

Activation 2018

Joseph Allen, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
The Case for Healthy Buildings

Margaret McConnell, Assistant Professor, Global Health and Population
The Human Element of Low-Quality Care: A Behavioral Economics Approach to Improving Postpartum Care in Kenya

Christopher Sarosiek, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
Mapping Cell Death Regulation in the Lung to Address Global Health Challenges

Incubation Awardees 2018-2021
Incubation Awards represent a critical component of the funding program and are intended to support innovative ideas of particular promise.Incubation 2021Nora Kory, Assistant Professor, Molecular Metabolism
Elucidating Mitochondrial NAD Control in Metabolic Homeostasis and Aging (Reimagining Aging)Josiemer Mattei, Associate Professor, Nutrition
Optimized Culturally-Adapted Healthy Eating Program for Diverse Latinos (Cultivating Well-Being and Nutrition/Pandemic Response and The Secondary Effects Of COVID-19)Ichiro Kawachi, Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Debiasing Covid-19 Prevalence Estimates (Conquering Epidemics/Pandemic Response and the Secondary effects of COVID-19)Incubation 2020Curtis Huttenhower, Professor, Biostatistics/Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Machine Learning for Population-scale Viral Discovery and Monitoring in the Human Microbiome (AI/Machine Learning and Causal Inference)William Hanage, Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Lineage Calling for Outbreak Detection and Molecular Epidemiology of Klebsiella Pneumoniae Using Rapid Nanopore Sequencing (Anti-Microbial Resistance)Incubation 2019Barbara Burleigh, Professor, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
New Tricks with Old Drugs: Improving Chagas Disease Therapeutics (Conquering Epidemics)David Hemenway, Professor, Health Policy and Management
Improving Firearm Injury Surveillance Systems: A Road Map (Overcoming Violence)Karestan Koenen, Professor, Epidemiology
The Gut Microbiome and PTSD in Women (Overcoming Violence)Michael Mina, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
High-throughput Surveillance of Immune histories for the Simultaneous Construction of Longitudinal Cohorts and Comprehensive Epidemic Detection (Conquering Epidemics)Incubation 2018

Sara Bleich, Professor, Health Policy and Management
Evaluating the Impact of Bike Sharing in Low-Income Populations: A Novel Discount Program in Metro-Boston (Climate Change and Sustainability)

Jacqueline Bhabha, Professor, Global Health and Population
Tackling Violence against Children: A Radical Approach (Health Promotion and Disease Prevention)

Wafaie Fawzi, Professor, Global Health and Population
Assessing food systems for optimal health and environmental sustainability in Ethiopia (Climate Change and Sustainability)

Peter Kraft, Professor, Epidemiology
The Genetic Architecture of Breast Parenchymal Textural Features and its Implications for Breast Cancer Risk (Health Promotion and Disease Prevention)

John Spengler, Professor, Environmental Health
Children’s developmental status in relation to solid fuel use in low and middle income countries (Climate Change and Sustainability)


Acceleration Awardees 2018-2021
Acceleration Awards represent a critical component of the funding program and are intended to nurture collaborations in research, develop platforms, and support educational projects.Acceleration 2021Adam Haber, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
Applying Causal Inference Methods to Assess the Impact of Housing Code Law on Health Disparities in Asthma (Research Award/AI or Machine Learning and Casual Inference)Sarah Fortune, Professor and Chair, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Building Curriculum to Train Anti-Oppressive Infectious Diseases Researchers (Pedagogy/Development Award)Jorge Chavarro, Associate Professor, Nutrition
Infrastructure Support for Biological and Digital Phenotyping for Life Course Epidemiologic Research (Research Platform)Acceleration 2020 – GeneralMarcia Castro, Professor, Global Health and Population
Fires, Smoke Exposure, and Public Health in Brazil: Assessment of the Health Impacts of Amazonian Fires (Research/Cultivating Well-being and Nutrition)Karestan Koenen, Professor, Epidemiology
COVID-19, Social Unrest, and Health in the Harvard Cohorts (Research/Reimaging Aging)Acceleration 2020 – COVID
In 2020, a portion of the Acceleration Award funds were targeted to projects submitted in response to a Special COVID-19 RFA. In order to award funds quickly, the timeline and proposal content was condensed.
Michael Barnett, Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management
Measuring the Resilience of Nursing Homes Facing COVID-19 (Research)Jin Ah Park, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health, Phyllis Kanki, Professor, Environmental Health/Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Primary Human Airway Epithelial Cells: Role of Age (Research)Acceleration 2019Yonatan Grad, Professor, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Defining the Factors Driving Spatiotemporal Variation in Antibiotic Prescribing (Research)Laura Kubzansky, Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Using Smartphone Measurement Bursts in an Established Epidemiologic Cohort to Capture Psychological Well-being and Health Behaviors (Research)

David Williams, Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Reducing Stress and Overweight and Obesity-related Chronic Diseases through Big Data and Digital Phenotyping (Research)

Acceleration 2018

Sonia Hernandez Diaz, Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Evidence-Based Teaching: Using Technology and Data to Create More Effective and Inclusive Classrooms (Pedagogy)

James Mitchell, Associate Professor, GCD
Limiting Dietary Protein Improves Markers of Healthspan: Accelerating Mechanistic and Translational Advances (Research/Aging & Longevity)

Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Associate Professor, Biostatistics
Augmentation of the Beiwe Platform for Smartphone-based Digital Phenotyping (Research Platform/Data Science)

Giovanni Parmigiani, Professor, Biostatistics
Inherited Cancer Risk Knowledge Base (Research Platform)