Previous DFSA Awardees

Activation Awardees 2018-2022

Activation Awards represent a critical component of the funding program and are intended to support idea generation for junior faculty.

Activation 2022

  • Smita Gopinath, Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases
    Community dynamics in the vaginal microbiome
  • Adrianna McIntyre, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Politics
    Medicare’s Electoral Feedbacks in an Era of Privatization
  • Natalie Slopen, Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Adverse experiences in childhood and lifetime exposure to viruses in women: A pilot study

Activation 2021

  • Rui Duan, Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
    Transprs: A Federated Transfer Learning Framework for Improving Polygenic Risk Prediction In Underrepresented Populations
  • Anna Sanaiko, Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management
    Utilization and Impact of a Novel Form of Out-Of-Pocket Cost Information for Prescription Drugs on Prescribing Decisions
  • Mingyang Song, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
    Microbiome-Based Approach for Improved Colorectal Cancer Prevention with Dietary Fiber and Beyond

Activation 2020

  • Jessica Cohen, Associate Professor, Global Health and Population
    Evidence-Based Policy for Maternal Health: A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of the Impact of Innovative Medicaid Policies on Women’s Use of Effective Postpartum Contraception and Safe Birth Spacing
  • Carmen Messerlian, Assistant Professor, Nutrition
    The Preconception Intervention Program for Healthy Reproduction (PIPER) Project
  • Shoba Ramanadhan, Assistant Professor, SBS
    New Measures and Professional Development Opportunities to Promote Evidence-based Cancer Prevention and Control in Underserved Communities 

Activation 2019

  • Kevin Croke, Assistant Professor, Global Health and Population
    The Political Origins of Ethiopia’s Primary Health Care Expansion
  • Lindsay Jaacks, Assistant Professor, Global Health and Population
    Empowering Consumers to Reduce their Exposures to Environmental Chemicals
  • Zac Nagel, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
    Genomic Integrity Mechanisms Underlying Disparities in Age-related Disease Risk

Activation 2018

  • Joseph Allen, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
    The Case for Healthy Buildings
  • Margaret McConnell, Assistant Professor, Global Health and Population
    The Human Element of Low-Quality Care: A Behavioral Economics Approach to Improving Postpartum Care in Kenya
  • Christopher Sarosiek, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
    Mapping Cell Death Regulation in the Lung to Address Global Health Challenges

Incubation Awardees 2018-2021

Incubation Awards represent a critical component of the funding program and are intended to support innovative ideas of particular promise.

Incubation 2021

  • Nora Kory, Assistant Professor, Molecular Metabolism
    Elucidating Mitochondrial NAD Control in Metabolic Homeostasis and Aging (Reimagining Aging)
  • Josiemer Mattei, Associate Professor, Nutrition
    Optimized Culturally-Adapted Healthy Eating Program for Diverse Latinos (Cultivating Well-Being and Nutrition/Pandemic Response and The Secondary Effects Of COVID-19)
  • Ichiro Kawachi, Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Debiasing Covid-19 Prevalence Estimates (Conquering Epidemics/Pandemic Response and the Secondary effects of COVID-19)

Incubation 2020

  • Curtis Huttenhower, Professor, Biostatistics/Immunology and Infectious Diseases
    Machine Learning for Population-scale Viral Discovery and Monitoring in the Human Microbiome (AI/Machine Learning and Causal Inference)
  • William Hanage, Associate Professor, Epidemiology
    Lineage Calling for Outbreak Detection and Molecular Epidemiology of Klebsiella Pneumoniae Using Rapid Nanopore Sequencing (Anti-Microbial Resistance)

Incubation 2019

  • Barbara Burleigh, Professor, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
    New Tricks with Old Drugs: Improving Chagas Disease Therapeutics (Conquering Epidemics)
  • David Hemenway, Professor, Health Policy and Management
    Improving Firearm Injury Surveillance Systems: A Road Map (Overcoming Violence)
  • Karestan Koenen, Professor, Epidemiology
    The Gut Microbiome and PTSD in Women (Overcoming Violence)
  • Michael Mina, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
    High-throughput Surveillance of Immune histories for the Simultaneous Construction of Longitudinal Cohorts and Comprehensive Epidemic Detection (Conquering Epidemics)

Incubation 2018

  • Sara Bleich, Professor, Health Policy and Management
    Evaluating the Impact of Bike Sharing in Low-Income Populations: A Novel Discount Program in Metro-Boston (Climate Change and Sustainability)
  • Jacqueline Bhabha, Professor, Global Health and Population
    Tackling Violence against Children: A Radical Approach (Health Promotion and Disease Prevention)
  • Wafaie Fawzi, Professor, Global Health and Population
    Assessing food systems for optimal health and environmental sustainability in Ethiopia (Climate Change and Sustainability)
  • Peter Kraft, Professor, Epidemiology
    The Genetic Architecture of Breast Parenchymal Textural Features and its Implications for Breast Cancer Risk (Health Promotion and Disease Prevention)
  • John Spengler, Professor, Environmental Health
    Children’s developmental status in relation to solid fuel use in low and middle income countries (Climate Change and Sustainability)

Acceleration Awardees 2018-2021

Acceleration Awards represent a critical component of the funding program and are intended to nurture collaborations in research, develop platforms, and support educational projects.

Acceleration 2021

  • Adam Haber, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
    Applying Causal Inference Methods to Assess the Impact of Housing Code Law on Health Disparities in Asthma (Research Award/AI or Machine Learning and Casual Inference)
  • Sarah Fortune, Professor and Chair, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
    Building Curriculum to Train Anti-Oppressive Infectious Diseases Researchers (Pedagogy/Development Award)
  • Jorge Chavarro, Associate Professor, Nutrition
    Infrastructure Support for Biological and Digital Phenotyping for Life Course Epidemiologic Research (Research Platform)

Acceleration 2020 – General

  • Marcia Castro, Professor, Global Health and Population
    Fires, Smoke Exposure, and Public Health in Brazil: Assessment of the Health Impacts of Amazonian Fires (Research/Cultivating Well-being and Nutrition)
  • Karestan Koenen, Professor, Epidemiology
    COVID-19, Social Unrest, and Health in the Harvard Cohorts (Research/Reimaging Aging)

Acceleration 2020 – COVID

In 2020, a portion of the Acceleration Award funds were targeted to projects submitted in response to a Special COVID-19 RFA. In order to award funds quickly, the timeline and proposal content was condensed.

  • Michael Barnett, Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management
    Measuring the Resilience of Nursing Homes Facing COVID-19 (Research)
  • Jin Ah Park, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health, Phyllis Kanki, Professor, Environmental Health/Immunology and Infectious Diseases
    Pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Primary Human Airway Epithelial Cells: Role of Age (Research)

Acceleration 2019

  • Yonatan Grad, Professor, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
    Defining the Factors Driving Spatiotemporal Variation in Antibiotic Prescribing (Research)
  • Laura Kubzansky, Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Using Smartphone Measurement Bursts in an Established Epidemiologic Cohort to Capture Psychological Well-being and Health Behaviors (Research)
  • David Williams, Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Reducing Stress and Overweight and Obesity-related Chronic Diseases through Big Data and Digital Phenotyping (Research)

Acceleration 2018

  • Sonia Hernandez Diaz, Associate Professor, Epidemiology
    Evidence-Based Teaching: Using Technology and Data to Create More Effective and Inclusive Classrooms (Pedagogy)
  • James Mitchell, Associate Professor, GCD
    Limiting Dietary Protein Improves Markers of Healthspan: Accelerating Mechanistic and Translational Advances (Research/Aging & Longevity)
  • Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Associate Professor, Biostatistics
    Augmentation of the Beiwe Platform for Smartphone-based Digital Phenotyping (Research Platform/Data Science)
  • Giovanni Parmigiani, Professor, Biostatistics
    Inherited Cancer Risk Knowledge Base (Research Platform)