HOME Grant Concierge Program

(Harvard Onboarding Made Easy)
Grant Concierge Program

This new program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is designed to streamline and enhance the support given to incoming faculty members as they prepare for their first grant submission. The guidance and resources provided through the program will enable faculty to think strategically about building their research portfolios and empower them to succeed as members of the Harvard Chan research community.

The HOME: Grant Concierge Program integrates the efforts of the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA), the Office of Research Strategy and Development (ORSD) and Research Administration (RA) with those of mentors and academic departments to provide an individualized research development support system for each new faculty member.

Key features of the HOME: Grant Concierge Program

Introductory Meetings
Each new faculty member meets with the ORSD team to learn about the research development services available at the School and share their research interests.

OFA Orientation Series
As part of the OFA Orientation series, two sessions will be led by ORSD to introduce faculty to the funding landscape and the School’s resource-generating offices.

Individualized Proposal Development Support
New faculty receive priority admission to the Faculty Grant Writing Short Course and will be offered ORSD resources — including external review, editing, and graphic design services – to strengthen their research proposals.

Research Administration Support
In conjunction with academic departments, RA provides specialized support to new faculty working on their first grant submission at the School.

Funding Strategy Meetings
The ORSD team meets with new faculty members to help navigate the funding landscape, identify potential collaborators, and explore alternative sources of funding.

 Follow-up Meetings
Faculty members have the opportunity to work with their mentors and ORSD team to produce a 2-3 year plan for future grant submissions.

For more information about the HOME Program, please contact Heather Conrad (hconrad@hsph.harvard.edu)