Faculty Conduct Grievance Procedures

Under review as of 12/29/2020

The Office of Faculty Affairs is developing an updated set of general grievance and review procedures for faculty members and academic appointees. The anticipated policies and procedures will relate to conduct not already directly addressed by Title IX policy, discrimination/bias complaint procedures, or research compliance guidelines and regulations. They will outline shared expectations for collegial behavior, and set out a process for addressing issues such as misuse of authority, bullying behavior, verbal abuse, and/or unethical management practices. These procedures will overlap with and extend from existing guidelines, such as those related to authorship, supervision, and non-retaliation, and provide a more robust and consistent dispute resolution mechanism for related violations.

If local efforts to address the abusive or unacceptable behavior of a faculty member or other academic appointee have failed, please contact Associate Dean Jennifer Ivers (ivers@hsph.harvard.edu) for additional resources to facilitate dispute resolution.

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