Contact Information

Physical Address: 90 Smith Street, 1st Floor / Boston, MA 02120
Mailing Address: 677 Huntington Avenue / Boston, MA 02115
617-432-1047 / 617-432-4711 (fax)

Meet the OFA Staff

Lindsey Bartlett
Faculty Affairs Coordinator for Academic Appointments
Duties: Annual appointments, I-9 processes, Wasabi Processing, Leave of Absences, Professor of Practice appointments

Tammy Brown
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Duties: Senior faculty searches and reviews for promotion to tenure, Faculty Council and Faculty Meeting administration, emeritus faculty liaison.

Katie Hayes
Senior Search and Review Officer
Duties: Senior faculty searches and reviews for promotion to tenure, Standing Committee on Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions (SCARP), secondary and adjunct appointments.

Jennifer Ivers
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Duties: Consulting with faculty search and promotion committees, liaison to the provost’s office and University-wide faculty initiatives, and all other aspects of faculty affairs.

Philip Kret
Senior Data Specialist and Research Scientist Coordinator
Duties: Data reporting, Research Scientist Review administration, office/website/database administration, local IT services.


Megan Marchese
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Duties: Junior faculty searches, appointments and reviews, faculty development workshops, senior searches and reviews


Mollie-Anne Maxfield
Faculty Affairs Coordinator for Communications, Appointments, and Postdoctoral Programs
Duties: Postdoctoral Fellow administration, Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate career development workshops and programming coordination, faculty communications and appointment letters, and senior faculty searches and reviews for promotion to tenure.

Richa Mishra
Associate Director of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development
Duties: Faculty development and diversity, faculty mentoring initiatives, strategic planning and policy; oversight of the Standing Committee on Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions (SCARP) and the Committee for the Advancement of Women Faculty (CAWF); oversight of faculty searches and reviews.

Jacky Morales
Faculty Affairs Assistant
Duties: Office administration, scheduling

BriAnn Smith
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Duties: Wasabi processing, Leave of absences, Professor of the Practice appointments, Faculty Meeting administration, financial transactions


Isin Ugur-Bastepe
Associate Director of Faculty Affairs and Administration
Duties: Manage OFA Faculty Actions Team; faculty appointment changes and updates, analysis of the database systems, supports operational decisions made towards that. AP, OFS, payroll, and budget team liaison; financial transactions for faculty and non-faculty appointments Oversight of Non-Faculty appointments, including Postdocs. Wasabi Team liaison, OFA ASIP manager, Human Resources liaison, OFS liaison