Contact Information

Physical Address: 90 Smith Street, 1st Floor / Boston, MA 02120
Mailing Address: 677 Huntington Avenue / Boston, MA 02115
617-432-1047 / 617-432-4711 (fax)

Meet the OFA Staff

Lindsey Bartlett
Faculty Affairs Coordinator for Academic Appointments
Duties: Annual appointments; I-9 processes; Wasabi processing; leave of absence requests; professor of practice appointments.

Tammy Brown
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Duties: Faculty Council and Faculty Meeting administration; emeritus faculty liaison; senior faculty searches and reviews for promotion to tenure.

Katie Hayes
Senior Search and Review Officer
Duties: Senior faculty searches and reviews for promotion to tenure; Standing Committee on Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions (SCARP) administration; secondary and adjunct appointments management.

Jennifer Ivers
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Duties: Advising faculty search and promotion committees; academic appointments policy development and implementation; liaison to the provost’s office and University-wide faculty initiatives; pre-tenure consultation and faculty advising; grievance processing and Title IX coordinator for academic appointees. Please contact Jacky Morales ( for scheduling assistance, or use to schedule a 15- or 30-minute meeting.

Philip Kret
Senior Data Specialist and Research Scientist Coordinator
Duties: Data reporting, Research Scientist Review administration, office/website/database administration, local IT services.

Megan Marchese
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Duties: Tenure-track faculty searches, appointments, and reviews; faculty development workshops, senior searches and reviews for promotion to tenure.

Mollie-Anne Maxfield
Faculty Affairs Program Manager
Duties: Postdoctoral fellows administration and career development; postdoctoral fellows and research associate programming coordination; faculty announcements and appointment letters; senior faculty searches and reviews for promotion to tenure.


Jacky Morales
Faculty Affairs Assistant
Duties: Office administration, scheduling and meeting/event support, calendar management for associate dean, special projects.

BriAnn Smith
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Duties: Wasabi processing; leave of absence requests; professor of the practice appointments, Faculty Meeting administration support; financial transactions.

Isin Ugur-Bastepe
Associate Director of Faculty Affairs and Administration
Duties: Oversight for faculty actions; faculty appointment changes and updates; analysis of database systems and related operations; AP, OFS, payroll, and budget team liaison; financial transactions for faculty and non-faculty appointments; oversight of non-faculty appointments, including postdocs; Wasabi team liaison, Human Resources liaison, OFS budget liaison, OFA ASIP manager.