Promotions in Research Scientist Track

(revised 3/26/2021)

Faculty wishing to recommend the promotion of a research scientist should consult with their department administrator for information on the procedures to be followed.

A promotion package checklist (PDF) should be used when assembling a promotion proposal which includes the following items:

  • job description (should provide detailed description of activities research scientist will be engaged in)
  • letter from department chair supporting the appointment
  • three letters of recommendation (letters may be solicited from peers and mentors but not from trainees)
  • the research scientist’s current CV (peer-reviewed publications should be listed separately from other publications; publications not yet accepted should not be listed; the candidate’s role in grants should be clearly stated; information about grants for which the candidate is PI or co-PI should include the dollar amount and length of the grant). BE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR CV TO HARVARD CHAN SCHOOL FORMAT! Click here to view.
  • an activities statement that outlines the research scientist’s’ duties, responsibilities, and plans for future research
  • supporting financial information including: proposed salary/increase, costing strings, and fringe