Academic Appointment Forms

Academic Appointments Approvals Matrix (April 2021)

A guide to appointment actions – steps, approvers, OFA staff contacts

Annual Appointment Forms

An alphabetical listing of forms relevant to Annual appointments – paid and unpaid

CV Template

HSPH approved CV format (last updated May 2018)

Faculty Appointment Forms

An alphabetical listing of forms relevant to faculty appointments – primary and secondary

Pay Adjustment Approval Form

For bonus pay, salary increase, FTE adjustment, additional pay actions

SPH HSR (Harvard Sponsored Role) Candidate Info Form AUG 2021

Required form for research collaborator HSRs and recommended for other role types. For additional information, see this information page.

Research Scientist Appointment Forms

Materials relevant to research scientist appointments only

Teaching and Temporary Academic Approval Form

Pay requests for temporary academics

COVID hiring freeze materials + process

As of July 16, 2021:

Hiring, reappointment, promotion, pay increase, bonus, change in FTE or scheduled hours, and extension actions for academic appointments on sponsored or gift funds are no longer required.

Primary and secondary faculty and research scientist appointments continue to proceed as normal.

  1. Any appointment actions listed above in bold that are budgeted to unrestricted funds will continue to be reviewed by the committee for the time being (use PJF form below).
  2. All non-faculty academic appointment types proceeding through normal OFA appointment processes will now require two additional steps (but no exceptions review).
    1. Identification of the funds to be used for the appointment and confirmation the funds can support the full term of the appointment will be requested on regular forms for paid appointments.
    2. A signed attestation that the appointment has received the proper vetting/signoffs, and funding confirmations required will now be requested on regular forms for paid appointments.
  3. Bonus requests and equity adjustments will require a Pay Adjustment Approval Form to be submitted with the wasabi for those actions (see above form), which includes a signed attestation.

Position (& Position Change) Justification Form (updated July 2020)

Exception Guidelines & FAQs (updated June 2020)