First Appointment as Research Scientist

(revised 8/4/2014)

Faculty wishing to recommend the appointment of a research scientist should consult with their department administrator for information on the procedures to be followed.

An appointment package checklist (PDF) should be used when assembling an appointment proposal which includes the items listed below:

  • job description (should provide detailed description of the activities the research scientist will be engaged in)
  • letter from department chair or center director endorsing the appointment
  • three letters of recommendation
  • the candidate’s CV (peer-reviewed publications should be listed separately from other publications; publications not yet accepted should not be listed; the candidate’s role in grants should be clearly stated; information about grants should include the dollar amount and length of the grant)
  • an activities statement that outlines the research associates’ duties and responsibilities (if candidate currently holds an Harvard Chan School appointment)

The above documents should be submitted to Veronica Swain (90 Smith Street, 1st Floor) approximately three weeks before a meeting of the Research Scientist Review Committee. A schedule of the Research Scientist Review Committee meetings is available online.

Once an appointment has been approved by the Research Scientist Review Committee, the person being appointed will be asked to sign a letter of agreement. In addition, the department administrator will need to submit the appropriate payroll forms (I-9 Form, Glacier) and Wasabi personnel action(s).