Wasabi is a desktop application at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health used for all appointment and payroll transactions.  The online Wasabi manual provides users with detailed information and job aids.

Position Management

On October 7, 2019, the University implemented a new position management system.  The Wasabi Position Management Hire Job Aid gives step-by-step instructions for creating new positions.

Below is information about how this system affects academic appointments.

  • Position numbers are required only for paid appointments in the Senior Faculty, Junior Faculty, and Other Academic employee classes.  Unpaid appointments, postdocs, and temporary academics are not included in position management.
  • New positions should be created just before the hire action is transmitted so that the position job code, department, and business title will be correct for the appointee who will be hired.  When creating a new other academic position, please complete OFA’s position form and attach it to the Wasabi new position transaction. (Please note:  This form is not needed for senior and junior faculty appointments.)
  • The Wasabi transaction to create a new position asks for a position title  (in addition to a business title.)  Please use the “HSPH title” on OFA’s job code list for the position title.
  • A new position will need to be created when a postdoc is being moved to a paid appointment in the Other Academic employee class such as research associate, research scientist, or visiting scientist.  This is necessary because postdocs do not have position numbers, but all paid Other Academics do.
  • A new position will need to be created when an unpaid Other Academic, Junior Faculty, or Senior Faculty appointee is moving to a paid appointment.