Titles and Appointment Procedures

Annual Titles and Descriptions

The following titles are used for annual appointments…READ MORE


Annual Affiliate Appointments

A faculty member or nonfaculty academic appointee who is making significant contributions to two HSPH departments may be appointed in both departments, with the agreement of the two department chairs and the faculty member or nonfaculty appointee…READ MORE


Annual Appointment Dates

Appointments may begin on any date. However, all appointments must end on 6/30/YR, with the exception of appointments that run less than one year…READ MORE


Documentation Needed for Annual Appointments

This appointment is used for a person’s first appointment at HSPH. The following supporting information is required for a first appointment…READ MORE


Salary and Extra Compensation

In 2009, the school formally adopted the NIH/NRSA stipend guidelines as the minimum salary for HSPH postdoctoral research fellows…READ MORE


Time Needed to Process Appointments

The school’s policy is that all appointments should be processed in a timely manner, before an appointment start date…READ MORE


Terminating Annual Appointments

Absent extraordinary circumstances, it is generally expected that annual appointees will serve the full term of their appointment…READ MORE