Faculty-Only Policies and Procedures (non-Green Book)

*Please also see policies pertaining to ALL academic appointees.

Procedures for Communicating and Deliberating Faculty Issues

Members of the faculty are encouraged to raise issues through a variety of channels. Faculty Council is one major resources for bringing concerns or suggestions to School administration. These procedures for bringing issues to Faculty Council’s attention can be helpful to any faculty member wishing to express an institutionally relevant concern.

Policies on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

With the acceptance of a full-time faculty appointment, an individual makes a full-time commitment to the University. Before making commitments outside of the scope of your primary appointment duties in teaching, research, and service, be sure you understand the School and University’s Policies on Conflict of Interest and Commitment.

External Academic Activities at other Educational Institutions

All faculty members with primary appointments at Harvard Chan School must request permission in advance to undertake certain types of external academic activities. Please see additional detail and access the request form here.

Times When Faculty Must Be Present

There are several times during the academic year when the presence of all faculty members is crucial and required. Find a list of those occasions and some related detail here.

Faculty Conduct Grievance Policies

Under review as of 12/29/2020

The Office of Faculty Affairs is developing an updated set of general grievance and review procedures for faculty members and academic appointees. The anticipated policies and procedures will relate to conduct not already directly addressed by Title IX policy, discrimination/bias complaint procedures, or research compliance guidelines and regulations. More information about this and related policies can be found here.


Policies and Procedures for Faculty Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Detailed information on appointment and promotion policies and procedures can be found in the Faculty Appointments Handbook (formerly the Green Book)  Additionally, the criteria for promotion to tenured professor are available online in this 2010 Tenure Criteria document.