RSA/PDA Mentorship Program

In 2021, the Research Scientist Association (RSA) launched a mentorship program in conjunction with the Post Doc Association (PDA), whereby Research Scientists provide mentorship to Postdoctoral researchers and Research Associates, prioritizing underrepresented and minority groups. This initiative falls under the umbrella of the RSA’s mission to promote diversity and inclusion within the Harvard Chan community and to support initiatives that will diversify our Research Scientist community.

The goals of the RSA/PDA Mentorship Program are the following:

  • Give Research Scientists the opportunity to provide mentorship to Postdoctoral researchers & Research Associates (Senior Postdoctoral researchers)
  • Give Postdoctoral researchers and Research Associates the opportunity to get additional mentors with whom to discuss career development goals, get advice on time/project management, gain knowledge about school facilities, etc.

If you are a Research Scientist interested in volunteering to serve as a mentor for a postdoctoral researcher or a Research Associate, please complete the form below:

Resources and guidance on fostering a productive mentor-mentee relationship:

Mentor List (2023-24)

Mentor Department
Simona Cristea Biostatistics
Meeta Mistry Biostatistics
John Obrycki Environmental Health
Emma Preston Environmental Health
Antonella Zanobetti Environmental Health
Shuji Ogino Epidemiology
Alexander Tsai Epidemiology
Minttu Rönn Global Health and Population
Douaa Mugahid Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Luc Djousse Nutrition
Susan Peters Social and Behavioral Sciences

RSA/PDA Mentorship Program contact: Karen Inouye