Photo of Alemnesh

Alemnesh H. Mirkuzie

Alemnesh H. Mirkuzie is a senior public health researcher and the coordinator for the National Data Management Centre for health at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Ethiopia. She is an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, USA and Research Affiliate at the University of Bergen, Norway. She persuaded her undergraduate study in Ethiopia and her graduate studies in Sweden and Norway and awarded with Master’s in Medical Sciences, Master of Philosophy in Public Health and Doctoral Degree in International Health.

She has a Nursing background and over 15 years of experiences in clinical care, academics, and research in Ethiopia, Siri Lanka, Sweden and in Norway. She has supervised and mentored several undergraduate and graduate students in Ethiopian and in Norway since 2004. Her research interests are on Maternal and Newborn health, HIV/AIDS, nursing, health system, quality of care, health policy, evidence translation, diseases burden estimation, mortality, public health emergencies, disease prevention, big data analytics and visualization, health data governance and repository.

She is a board member of the Ethiopian Journal of Public Health and Nutrition, the Ethiopian Health Development Journal and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute Scientific and Ethical review board. Currently she has collaboration with IHME to improve national and sub-national disease burden estimates for Ethiopia and to set up a National health data repository, analytic, visualization and evidence generation and translation systems in Ethiopia. She is also a member of the HaSET program Scientific Advisory Group.