Melat Zegeye

Project assistant Melat Zegeye is responsible for the smooth running of the Birhan project activities in Ethiopia. She is responsible for all financial, procurement, property administration, and human resources activities within the office. Melat is also responsible for technically supporting the SPMMC-HU collaboration program managers. She plays a vital role in arranging, taking minutes, and preparing agendas for meetings, assisting the directors in office budget preparation and target setting, advising the office team in preparing and implementing operational and human resources policies and procedures.

With an MPH from Jimma University, a BA degree in Marketing Management from Unity University, and a BSC degree in Optometry from Gondar University, Melat has diverse experience before joining this project. She worked as a project coordinator in the UNICEF and Ministry of Health’s collaboration to distribute 3000 SDD refrigerators all over Ethiopia, a Public Health specialist and Marketing Officer at Angereb PLC, a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer intern at JSI L10Km project, an administrative clerk and Data encoder at World Vision Ethiopia, and an Optometrist and Liaison officer at Zewditu Memorial Hospital.

She also has worked in different research from data entry to data translation and transcription to data analysis. She has written an article titled Profiles of Technical Assistances hired for Federal Ministry of Health for JSI, SEUHP project.