Ego Resiliency Scale

Citation: Klohnen, E. C. (1996). Conceptual analysis and measurement of the construct of ego-resiliency. Journal of personality and social psychology, 70(5), 1067.

PMID or DOI: PMID: 8656335, DOI: 10.1037//0022-3514.70.5.1067

Main positive psychological well-being construct measured: Ego resilience

Sub-constructs measured: Confident optimism, productive activity, insight and warmth, and skilled expressiveness

Available subscales: N/A

Description: The Ego Resiliency Scale assesses the overall perceived capacity for flexible and resourceful adaptation to external and internal stressors. The measure was developed through expert consensus using relevant items from the California Psychological Inventory to construct a self-report scale assessing resilience as a personality resource.

Number of items: 29

Example statement/item: “My daily life is full of things that keep me interested”

Response options: Items have a variety of response formats based on the original California Psychological Inventory items.

Total score: Scored in accordance with the California Psychological Inventory, 4 items are true scored and 25 items are false scored.