Resilience Protective Factors Checklist (RPFC)

Citation: Powell, K. M., Rahm-Knigge, R. L., & Conner, B. T. (2020). Resilience Protective Factors Checklist (RPFC): Buffering Childhood Adversity and Promoting Positive Outcomes. Psychological Reports, 0033294120950288.

PMID or DOI: PMID: 32799743, DOI: 10.1177/0033294120950288

Main positive psychological well-being construct measured: Protective factors

Sub-constructs measured: Individual, family and community

Available subscales: Individual, family and community

Description: The Resilience Protective Factors Checklist is a strengths-based questionnaire that assesses protective factors linked to resilience and positive outcomes in the face of childhood and adolescent adversity exposure. Based on the resilience structural model, protective factors are assessed in individual, family and community domains.

Number of items: 25

Example statement/item: “I am good at thinking about my problems and figuring out how to make it better”

Response options: 4-point scale response, ranging from 1=not true to 4=almost always true

Total score: Sum scores are calculated within each subscale.