The South Carolina Nurse-Family Partnership Study is a landmark evaluation of the effects of a large-scale nurse home visiting program for mothers and their children.

The national Nurse-Family Partnership ® program launched in South Carolina in 2009 to improve maternal and child health outcomes for low-income families. The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services led an innovative expansion of the Nurse-Family Partnership home visiting services between 2016 and 2020 to scale services statewide and learn about the program’s impacts. The expansion of Nurse-Family Partnership services was enabled by a Pay for Success contract that coupled $17 million in philanthropic funding with a Medicaid waiver that supported the project’s costs. This expansion took Nurse-Family Partnership from serving 1,200 mothers in 27 counties in 2016 before the launch of Pay for Success, to serving a total of 3,794 mothers in 32 counties over the next four years.

As part of the project, the State commissioned the landmark South Carolina Nurse-Family Partnership Study to rigorously evaluate the program’s effects, and agreed to make success payments to fund further home visiting services if pre-determined success metrics were met. The study team is using South Carolina’s linked administrative data system to track a wide range of outcomes related to families’ health and well-being.

The evaluation is ongoing.

The Study

This evaluation will measure the effects of the Nurse-Family Partnership’s program delivered at scale to Medicaid enrollees.

The Pay for Success Partnership

The Pay for Success project enabled Nurse-Family Partnership to reach nearly 4,000 new first-time mothers across South Carolina.

What We Are Learning

This project will add to prior evidence by estimating the Nurse-Family Partnership’s. impact on mothers and babies in today’s context and at scale.