1913 Society

The 1913 Society honors individuals who have made a life income gift or bequest provision to the School. The 1913 Society, in addition to commemorating the year the School was founded, recognizes the vital role our supporters have played over the past century and the role they play today in ensuring our continued success. Read more about why people support the Harvard Chan School.

Donald L. Abramowitz, SM ’82
Joanne H. Allport, MPH ’87
Dorothy Q. Arnold and David B. Arnold, Jr.
Nelson K. Aweh III
Katherine L. Rhyne and Charles W. Axten
Joan R. Baer and Arthur Bugs Baer
Amy C. Barkin, MPH ’76
Judith Benfari and Robert C. Benfari, SM ’67
Terry M. Bennett, MPH ’69
Eugene P. Berg, Jr.
Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Jr.
Barry R. Bloom
Stanley P. Bohrer, MPH ’75
Gary P. Bond, SM ’76
Robert D. Brodley
William A. Burgess
Annette B. Burke and Joseph A. Burke, SM ’72
Deanna L. Byck, SD ’98
Joan Selig Damson and Barrie M. Damson
Mary Kerr Donaldson
Patricia A. Donovan and William B. Donovan, SM ’70
G. Rita Dudley-Grant, MPH ’84
Sumner L. Feldberg
Virginia O. Fine
Katherine A. Forrest, MPH ’71
Niki Friedberg and A. Alan Friedberg
Barbara A. Gales, MIH ’91
Jean M. Doherty-Greenberg, MPH ’79, and David A. Greenberg, MPH ’80
Douglas I. Hammer, MPH ’68, DPH ’76
Peter O. Haughie, SM ’98
Francis Helminski, MPH ’85
Maria Helena Henriques-Mueller
Jose R. Hernandez-Montoya, MPH ’80
Olive W. Holmes
Lilli Schwenk Hornig
Robin C. Herman and Paul F. Horvitz
Howard Hu, MPH ’82, SM ’86, SD ’90
Joan L. Jacobson and Julius H. Jacobson II
Nancy Elliott and Paul T. Johnston
Marion A. Jordan, SM ’77
Apa Juntavee, MPH ’95
Stephen B. Kay
Maurice E. Keenan, MPH ’77
Geoffrey Kronik
Karim F. Lalji, SM ’91
Stanley N. Lapidus
Mary Ann Lavin, SM ’74, SD ’78
Paul S. Lee, Jr.
Ann M. Lewicki, MPH ’76
Chunhua Liu, SM ’98, SD ’00
Nancy J. Marr, SM ’89
Keitaro Matsuo, SM ’03
Marjorie J. McLemore
Jeffrey W. Mecaskey, SM ’90
Diana H. Melvin and S. Noel Melvin
Roger J. Meyer, MPH ’59
Joseph M. Miller, MPH ’60
Robert L. Mittendorf, MPH ’87, DPH ’91 †
Lois H. Moser and Royce Moser, Jr., MPH ’65
Susan A. Elliott and Pat Nicolette
Chong Moo Park, MPH ’54
George Putnam
Kakaraparti V. Rao, SM ’72
Helen Z. Reinherz, SM ’62, SD ’65
Rita D. Berkson, SM ’77, and Randolph B. Reinhold
Christopher J. Ronk, SM ’08, SD ’10
Phyllis Rose
Louise G. Schloerb and Paul R. Schloerb
Marjorie W. Sharmat
Bernard Shleien, SM ’63
Eleanor G. Shore, MPH ’70, and Miles F. Shore
Joan Smilow and Joel E. Smilow
Sandi Snegireff and Sergei L. Snegireff
Ruth F. Snider and Eliot I. Snider
Virginia B. Taplin
Lee L. Traub
Steven Uranga McKane, MPH ’79
Isabelle Valadian, MPH ’53
Hasi M. Venkatachalam, MPH ’68
Marilyn R. Walter and Ronald A. Walter, SM ’72
Jay S. Weisfeld, MPH ’77
Thomas G. White, SM ’52
Dyann F. Wirth and Peter K. Wirth
Elihu York, MPH ’69
Anthony J. Zangara, MPH ’62

* deceased