– Spatial Methods for Atrocity Prevention and Response –

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The Atrocity Prevention Lab is a project to strengthen innovation, collaboration, and impact of atrocity and conflict prevention work through the integration of spatial methods and technologies. Launched in 2023, this project was established by the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. This website catalogs the team’s work to date, amplifies the work of conflict and atrocity prevention organizations, and hosts resources intended to support practitioners, researchers, technologists, policy-makers, and any interested individuals who’d like to learn how spatial methods can be used for conflict and atrocity prevention early warning/early action systems.


Strengthen the efficacy and efficiency of atrocity and conflict early warning/early action (EW/EA) work through strategic, evidence-based, and ethical integration of spatial methods, field methods, and novel analytic tools into existing EW/EA decision-support mechanisms and workflows.



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