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Failing health systems

Leading change, changing leaders

Imagine a world where

  • Public health learning as a lifelong enterprise helps enlightened leaders save lives
  • Affordable, high-quality health care innovations rapidly advance from laboratories to people’s lives, and disparities in care are eliminated
  • Health officials worldwide learn quickly about proven policies and interventions that work

Leadership for a healthier world

We need better results for the money we spend on health care. Yet even powerful ideas to transform health systems in the U.S. and around the world will only be as effective as the people who put them into action. This is why the Harvard Chan School is dedicated to both leading change and changing the leaders of health systems.

Our faculty are identifying ways to prevent costly and life-threatening medical errors, determining which prevention programs and medical treatments deliver better care more efficiently, and ensuring that access to affordable care is viewed universally as a right, not a privilege. Simultaneously, the School is reaching health leaders globally at all stages of their careers. For example, new programs for Ministers of Health and of Finance have brought more than 40 current cabinet-level leaders from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to the School in just two years. Working with Harvard’s Kennedy School and the African Development Bank, programs like these, and their built-in intensive follow-up, are designed to help these leaders achieve specific policy goals by equipping them with new information, resources, and connections.