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Big data

Explosion of binary numbers forming a sequence of codes.Our ability to generate data has moved light-years ahead of where it was only a few years ago, and the amount of digital information now available to us is essentially unimaginable.

Buried in all these data are clues for everything from how to prevent tuberculosis to how to cut health care costs.

Faculty in our departments of biostatistics, epidemiology, and genetics and complex diseases are at the forefront of the burgeoning field of “big data” and their work forms the bedrock of much of the School’s research. But they require both technological resources and significant financial support to translate these countless terabytes of information into meaningful public health interventions.

Support for biostatistics, epidemiology, and genetics research and faculty strengthens the building blocks of all public health research and reinforces the School’s scientific and intellectual foundations.

Campus for the 21st century

historyCAMPUSaerialview-MPeople engaged in 21st-century learning and research need 21st-century facilities and technology to do their best work. However, the School’s aging buildings and technological infrastructure require renewal if we are to continue to attract and retain the best students and faculty.

Some of the best opportunities available to leave a lasting mark in this Campaign surround the creation of a campus that is worthy of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, built to foster continued innovation and global engagement and to ensure that its second century of impact is as remarkable as its first.

Learn more about specific giving opportunities to support infrastructure at the Harvard Chan School. Or, for more information, please email or call Michael McNally, Vice Dean for External Relations at (617) 432-8448.

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