Welcome to The Corbett Lab

We are a diverse team of viral immunologists, molecular virologists, and protein engineers. Together, we use our expertise to inform vaccine development and therapeutic antibody discovery for coronaviruses and other emerging and re-emerging viruses. We aim to understand the immune landscape of viral surface proteins, decipher the influence of immune responses on the clinical outcome following natural viral infection, and translate our findings to rationally design and evaluate novel vaccine concepts… all in the name of pandemic preparedness.



Recent Publications:

Nanoparticle display of prefusion coronavirus spike elicits S1-focused cross- reactive antibody response against diverse coronavirus subgenera

The findings of this study will inform further efforts toward the development of pan-coronavirus vaccines.

Stabilized coronavirus spike stem elicits a broadly protective antibody

Current coronavirus (CoV) vaccines primarily target immunodominant epitopes in the S1 subunit, which are poorly conserved and susceptible to escape mutations, thus threatening vaccine efficacy.