Perspectives and Opinions

"Here's to dreaming big. Here's to being resilient.
Here's to resting along the way."

Kizzmekia S. Corbett-Helaire.
Five Lessons of Resilience in Science.
Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2024 January 31.

This space serves as a collection of science and career perspectives I’ve written over the years. And will continue to write. I vowed at the start of my professorship, I would:

  • Speak to the community as much as I speak to scientists.
  • Write career perspectives to inspire growing professionals as much as I write scientific perspectives.

Represented in a variety of reputable journals, the pieces range from learning resilience in science to lasting career advice from my Dad—“Go where you are loved”—to prototype pathogen research. Some were born out of late nights or writing through grief; all are crafted with intention and honesty.

Whether you’re a community member or a scientist/community member, pop in! My hope is for these pieces to aid you on your journey, and that they’re here whenever you need them.

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