Support People

Endowed Professorships: Attracting and supporting the best faculty

  • This highest honor bestowed upon current faculty members is a critical means of attracting new talent to the School.
  • Full professorships for existing faculty members: $5,000,000 endowment plus $500,000 current use
  • Full professorships for new faculty members: $5,000,000 endowment plus $1,000,000 current use
  • Junior professorships, supporting faculty earlier in their careers: $2,500,000 endowment plus $500,000 current use

Scholars and Scholarships: Attracting and supporting the best students

  • A robust financial aid program ensures that the School will continue to attract the world’s most promising future leaders in the field.
  • Endowed funds
    • Doctoral fellowship funds start at $1,000,000*
    • Named fellowship funds start at $250,000*
    • General financial aid funds start at $100,000
  • Current-use funds
    • Named current-use scholarship funds start at $50,000
    • Unrestricted gifts of any amount are welcomed to support the Harvard Chan Scholarship Fund. These funds are spent down in their entirety each year and must be replenished on an annual basis.

*Endowment funds of approximately $1,000,000 are required to cover 100% of one student’s costs annually. Learn more about our students.

Lifelong learning and leadership

  • Endowed senior leadership fellowship funds start at $2,000,000

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