HPFS Staff Members

Meet our wonderful HPFS Staff!

Betsy Frost-Hawes Program Director ehawes@hsph.harvard.edu
Siobhan Saint Surin Assistant Project Manager ssaintsu@hsph.harvard.edu
Allison Gordon Project Coordinator agordon@hsph.harvard.edu
Ruifeng Li Senior Statistician strui@channing.harvard.edu
Bailey Vaselkiv Research Data Analyst jvaselkiv@hsph.harvard.edu
Kathleen Florentine Research Assistant kflorentine@hsph.harvard.edu
Ann Fisher Research Assistant afisher@hsph.harvard.edu
Maggie Bristol Research Assistant mbristol@hsph.harvard.edu
Sinead Flanagan Research Associate sflanagan@hsph.harvard.edu
Hannah Guard Research Assistant hguard@hsph.harvard.edu

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