HPFS Questionnaires


The questionnaires on this website are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. The contents and design of these forms may not be used in any way for commercial purposes without permission. In general, use of the questions for scientific research is allowed. Please cite the webpage with the questionnaire in the published research.

If you intend to use the food frequency questionnaire to collect dietary data that will be processed by our group, do not use copies from this website. You must obtain forms that can be scanned. For more information, please visit this website.

HPFS Questionnaires

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by year sent and format:

YEAR FORMAT (Long=standard)
2022       Long      Short
2020      Long       Short
2018  Long  Short
2016  Long  Short
2014  Long  Short
2012  Long  Short
2010  Long  Short
2008  Long  Short
2006  Long  Short
2004  Long  Short
2002  Long  Short
2000  Long  Short
1998  Long  Short
1996  Long  Short
1994 Long  Short
1992  Long  Short
1990  Long  Short
1988  Long  Short
1987  Long
1986  Long
Supplemental Questionnaires


2022 Prostate Cancer Survivors

2020 Prostate Cancer Survivors

2018 Prostate Cancer Survivors

2016 Prostate Cancer Survivors

2014 Prostate Cancer Survivors

2012 Prostate Cancer Survivors

2010 Prostate Cancer Survivors

2015 Atypical Nevus Questionnaire

2015 Atypical Nevus Letter

1994 Blood Collection

1994 Mothers’ Questionnaire

1994 BPH Questionnaire

1996 BPH Questionnaire