Puerto Ricans have high, unexplained rates of factors that increase their risk of cardiovascular disease and related diseases. A team of researchers from Puerto Rico and the US aim to study those factors, and in 2019, they launched PROSPECT: The Puerto Rico Observational Study of Psychosocial, Environmental, and Chronic disease Trends’.

PROSPECT is the largest investigation to ever be conducted in Puerto Rico that examines the different health determinants (chronic diseases, diet, social and emotional situations, lifestyle) that contribute to the overall health conditions of Puerto Ricans. The results of the study will help design public policy related to health, and will inform health programs in Puerto Rico based on the needs of Puerto Ricans. We are well on our way to enrolling our target of 2,000 participants. This is a study designed to improve the health for people in Puerto Rico through better clinical and public health programs. So please join and be a part of Puerto Rico’s history and future, as a participant or collaborator!

We extend our sincere gratitude to the current participants in PROSPECT and acknowledge their dedication to the advancement of public health in Puerto Rico and beyond. Their contribution makes PROSPECT a success.


We are recruiting! Please join our study!


About the Study

The findings will inform public health priorities and future research needs.

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Experts from a variety of fields are leading a dedicated group of researchers.

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The participation of many people will ensure that the study reflects a diverse population