Goals and Objectives

PROSPECT is an observational prospective cohort aiming to:

  • Recruit 2000 adults (ages 30-75y) across the whole island of Puerto Rico and follow them up 2-years later
  • Identify trends and longitudinal associations of psychosocial, food-related, and cardiometabolic risk factors
  • Guide public health priorities and future research needs aimed at reducing cardiovascular-related disparities in Puerto Rico  

Study Design

  • PROSPECT is recruiting participants using a multi-stage sampling strategy that combines household enumeration and community-wide approaches.  
  • Examinations are done at one of more than 55 partner clinics located across the island. 
  • Trained research assistants conduct an in-person comprehensive interview to probe for sociodemographic and medical information, implement validated questionnaires, measure anthropometric characteristics, and obtain hair, urine, and fasting blood and saliva samples for laboratory analyses.  

Measurable Outcomes

  1. Baseline and 2y prevalence of psychosocial, diet and food-related environment, and biological CVD risk factors,
  2. Longitudinal associations between 2y changes in psychosocial factors and biological CVD risk factors,
  3. Longitudinal associations between 2y changes in diet and food-related factors, and biological CVD risk factors, and
  4. Differences in prevalence and 2y changes in risk factors by urban vs. rural area, and pre vs. post-Hurricane Maria.

Operational strategies 

  • Research productivity (including synergy with existing Latino studies)
  • Research infrastructure (biorepository, ancillary studies, and clinical research network)
  • Capacity-building, education, and training
  • Community outreach, dissemination, and policy