Takemi Program Symposia and Publications

The Takemi Program has held a number of notable Symposiums since its inception.

First Symposium 1984, Tokyo: Health Policy Towards the 21st Century: Health Problems Beyond the National Boundary

Second Symposium 1986, Boston: Health, Nutrition, and Economic Crises: Approaches to Policy in the Third World

Third Symposium 1988, Tokyo: International Cooperation for Health: Problems, Prospects and Priorities

Fourth Symposium 1990, Boston: Protecting Workers’ Health in the Third World

Fifth Symposium 2000, Tokyo: Symposium on International Health and Medical Ethics

Sixth Symposium 2013, Boston: Governing Health Systems: Challenges for the Community, Nation and Globe. We celebrated the Program’s 30th year. 

Seventh Symposium, 2017, Tokyo: JMA HSPH Taro Takemi Memorial International Symposium “Community Health Systems and Innovation: Building the Foundation for Universal Health Coverage.”