Current Fellows

2019-2020 Takemi Fellows (36th Group)

Ammad Bahalim

Research: “Reforming Global Governance of Food and Agriculture: An exploration of health and nutrition models”

Caroline Benski MD

Research: “Mobile Health System to Improve Maternal and Neonatal Health: a tool for evaluation of the impact of MHEALTH projects”

Research Interests: Women’s health, Reproductive health, Maternal health (Antenatal care, Delivery, Post-natal care), Obstretic fistula, Cervival cancer, Digital Health

David Kitara Lagoro MD

Research: “The Epigenetics of Nodding Syndrome in Uganda”

Research Interests: Tropical disease, Public health, Surgery

Ilhan Can Ozen PhD

Research: “Political Economy Analysis for the Health Sectors in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon”

Research Interests: Health systems, Health access, Gender inequalities, Refugee populations

Jose Cerbino Neto MD PhD

Research: “Integrated Sentinel Surveillance of Endemic Arboviruses and Emerging Infectious Diseases”

Research Interests: Surveillance systems, Arbovirus infection, Emerging infectious diseases

Shuko Takahashi MD PhD

Research: “Association between Chronic Psychological Stress and Telomere length in Children after the Great East Japan Earthquake”

Research Insterests: Natural disasters and health outcomes, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Mental disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Theepakorn Jithitikulchai PhD

Research: “Questing for Sustainable Universal Health Coverage in Thailand”

Research Interests: Health equity, efficiency in resource allocation of health systems, and financial sustainability

Atsushi Nakagomi MD PhD

Research: “Evaluation and Proposal of a Population Strategy Based on Social Participation for Health Aging”

Research Interests: Population strategy, Social capital, Aging


Research: “Hand Hygiene Compliance among Healthcare Personnel Given the Lack of Hand Hygiene Resources at the District General Hospital – Monaragala in Sri Lanka”

Research Interests: Hospital epidemiology, Improving infection control practice among healthcare personnel, Cost-effective analysis, Simulation and modeling approach

Omar Karlsson PhD

Research: “The Effects of Access to Electricity and Ownership of Household Appliances on Child Health in Low and Middle-Income Countries”

Research Interests: Human development, well-being

Taeko Oguma MD PhD

Research: “Factors for Community Health Workers’ Retention in Low and Middle-Income Countries: Quantitative validation study of positive relationship between CHWs autonomy and their motivation”

Research Interests: Infection transmission, human migration