Current Fellows

2021–2022 Takemi Fellows (38th Group)

Dr. Angele Mendy (Senegal/Switzerland)

Research Topic

Dynamics of internal mobility of Gambian nurses: what consequences on the provision of health care and the functioning of the health system? (DIMONG)

Dr. Beatrice Wamuti (Kenya)

Research Topic Modified Assisted Partner Services (aPS) Model to Augment Screening, Diagnosis, Linkage and Retention to Care for HIV and Hypertensive Patients

Dr. Bolaji Egbewale (Nigeria)

Research Topic

Identifying barriers to uptake of proven interventions for reducing childhood morbidity or mortality in Nigeria: a multilevel population-based cross sectional study

Dr. Farah Shroff (Canada)

Research Topic

Women’s Health in Global Context: creating policies for well-being through the COVID Catalyst Study.

Dr. Karla Unger (Mexico)

Research Topic

Estimating unmet healthcare needs of cancer patients in Mexico

Dr. Lelisa Fekadu Assebe (Ethiopia)

Research Topic

Equity Impact of Package of Health Interventions Addressing Infectious and Neglected Tropical Diseases in Ethiopia.

Dr. Lilah Rinsky (Israel)

Research Topic

Effect of Changing Occupational Patterns in given Medical Aspects on the Longevity of Working Life among Israeli Working Elderlies, including an International Comparison

Ms. Michelle Amri (Canada)

Research Topic
Investigating the World Health Organization’s concept of health equity and translation to policy and practice.

Dr. Obinna Ikechukwu Ekunwife (Nigeria)

Research Topic

Behavioral Intervention to Enhance PrEP Uptake by High-Risk Adolescent Girls in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

Dr. Omar Karlsson (Sweden)

Research Topic

The Effects of Access to Electricity and Ownership of Household Appliances on Child Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

Dr. Ranganayakulu Bodavala (India)

Research Topic

A Proposal to Develop and Deploy Smart Solar Light as Mosquito Pacifier for Use by All At Risk, Indoors and Outdoors.

Dr. Reiko Miyahara (Japan)

Research Topic

Identifying High-Risk Group Clusters Based on Multilevel Data in High TB Countries.

Dr. Roger Sodjinou (Benin, Niger)

Research Topic

Shaping Nutrition Policies to Accelerate Progress Toward Improving Child Survival and Development in Benin: A Multi-Level Analysis of Levels, Trends, and Drivers of Child Stunting as well as Key Policy Reforms and Programmatic Shifts Needed.

Dr. Selene Manga (Peru)

Research Topic Global Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Outcomes for Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment in Prisons in India, Peru, Mexico, and Ukraine during January 2020 to January 2021