Dr. Adam Abdullahi

2023–2024 Takemi Fellow

Adam Abdullahi (Nigeria), PhD, is currently a Cambridge-Africa Research Fellow at University of Cambridge and a junior research faculty at the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria. His current research interests include the dynamics of immune responses to vaccination and exposure to emerging infectious diseases across African populations, including characterizing pre-existing population-level immunological determinants of the less severe outcomes observed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Abdullahi’s overall work focuses on generating critically needed empirical evidence to guide infectious disease policy action and build local research and response capacity for both Nigeria and the West African region.  Abdullahi’s Takemi project focuses on evaluating population-level outcomes of the systematic rollout of Dolutegravir as the preferred drug of choice for HIV treatment in Nigeria. He aims to focus on virological and treatment outcomes together with characterizing the emerging patterns of drug resistance in the complex recombinants viral subtypes circulating in the region to inform optimized treatment and implementation action strategies.