Dr. Alemayehu Hailu

2023–2024 Takemi Fellow

Alemayehu Hailu (Ethiopia) is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bergen in Norway and a health economics consultant for the WHO NCD Department. While working as a senior health economics advisor in Ethiopia, he began working at the Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting at the University of Bergen, Norway. For many years he also taught at the School of Public Health in Ethiopia.
His research for the program will focus on equity analysis and tie in his previous work on cost effectiveness evaluations and equitable financial protection at the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia. His goal is to develop a strong way to measure equity for a large number of interventions which can be applied in priority setting in low- and middle-income countries.

“As an undergraduate in Ethiopia, the training I had was also more focused on a community-based approach, including visiting people house to house and teaching people how to take care of their own health. My interests in health economics research started there. I have been on the same path for the last 12 years but continue to expand my horizon.”