Dr. Wafa Aftab

2023–2024 Takemi Fellow

Wafa Aftab (Pakistan), MD, is a medical doctor from Pakistan with training in internal medicine. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD at University of Bergen in Norway at the Bergen Center for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS). Aftab’s research focuses on population health from an intersectoral policy perspective. For her Takemi project, she is conducting in-depth interviews with policymakers from health and other sectors in Pakistan. Focusing on the policy processes related to the recently developed Essential Package of Health Services in the country, she is interested in finding answers to questions such as: to what extent health (and other ministries) should focus on intersectoral policies to achieve health outcomes? What role should the health sector play in prioritizing, adopting, and implementing these policies? What kind of governance mechanisms can facilitate these processes across sectors? And which values, such as effectiveness, efficiency, equity or sustainability, or others, should guide these decisions?