2013-2014 Takemi Fellows

30th group from left to right: Amy Levin (Program Coordinator), Sujin Kim, Nadia Spada Fiori, Chun Hao, Meg Henning, Michael Reich (Director), Shinichi Tomioka, Marika Nomura Baba, Tae-Jin Lee, Maryam Farvid, Melani Cammett, Tamil Kendall.

  1. The quality of primary health care in the Middle East
    Melani Cammett, PhD MA
    Associate Professor, Brown University
  2. Adolescent and adult diet in relation to breast cancer risk
    Maryam Farvid, MSc, Ph.D.
    Associate professor at Community Nutrition Department, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran
  3. Asthma symptoms and tobacco workers in Southern Brazil
    Nadia Spada Fiori, MSc
    Professor in the Department of Social Medicine at the Federal University of Pelotas – Brazil
  4. The efficacy of peer-to-peer advertising through mobile communication tools on promoting HIV testing among men who have sex with men
    Chun Hao, PhD, MSc
  5. Factors associated with school teachers’ attitudes toward HIV prevention education in Lusaka, Zambia Meg Henning, PhD, MA
    Asst. Professor, Keene State College
  6. Women’s health rights and realities: The policy and practice of integrating HIV and sexual and reproductive health services in Latin America
    Tamil Kendall, Phd, MA
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Women and Health Initiative, HSPH
    Senior HIV Advisor, Balance, Mexico City, Mexico
  7. The effect of extending health insurance coverage on equity in preventive care utilization in South Korea
    Sujin Kim, PhD, MPH, BPharm
    S. Korea
    Post Doctoral Researcher, Institute of Health and Environment, School of Public Health, Seoul National University
  8. Does universal health coverage provide proper financial protection in Korea?
    Tae-Jin Lee, PhD, MPH
    S. Korea
    Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University
  9. Recent trends in global nutrition policy and implications for Japan
    Marika Nomura-Baba, Ph.D., MHE
    Cooperating Researcher, Department of Public Health, Juntendo University
  10. Compression of morbidity in Japan: Structure of disease and long-term care
    Shinichi Tomioka, MD, MSc, FYR