Who should apply

The Harvard Global Public Health for Nurse Leaders Certificate program is designed for government and national chief nursing, midwife, regulator, national nursing, and academic officers in Africa with management and leadership experience who:

  • Represent nurses and midwives of their country/region whose work will have impact on millions of people everyday in complex and imperceptible ways.
  • Are aware of the changing public health threats and acknowledge their ability to mitigate health, economic and security risks associate with these situations.
  • Are able to influence and position strategic global public health policies and interventions to better manage population health, strengthen national health systems, and use regulatory science and reform mechanisms to support access, and to deliver contemporary health services to all.

Applicants accepted into the program must demonstrate through leadership experiences and personal statements the ability to contribute and draw from the experiences and education of the other program participants.

HGPHNL Competencies

Participants will attain public health and leadership competencies in areas that are currently defined by Harvard scholars and international partners (WHO and Africa CDC). Knowledge and skills gained will help government and national chief nursing and midwifery officers, regulators, national nursing, and academic officers in Africa to:

  • Provide leadership and management in public health policy and strategic planning with evidence based on professional and ethical frameworks.
  • Develop public health, health care, and resource-management expertise.
  • Demonstrate public health vocabulary knowledge and skills related to public health and nursing.
  • Interpret results of statistical analyses commonly used in public health studies including scientific publications.
  • Create and nurture working relationships with all stakeholders to advance the public health agenda.
  • Develop nursing acumen within the sphere of public health.