The Symposium on the Science of Health and Happiness

The Symposium on the Science of Health and Happiness took place at the Joseph B. Martin Center on Friday, December 2nd, 2016. The day-long symposium featured keynote addresses from distinguished scholars in the field, Professors Ed Diener and Andrew Steptoe, as well as lively panel discussions by Harvard scholars. These discussions focused first on the current state of science for understanding the relationship between positive mental and physical health and then on best practices or issues in translating research to influence practice and policy. Panel speakers included Professors Daniel Gilbert, Lisa Berkman, Steve Gortmaker, Sara Bleich, Michael Norton and Dr. Jeff Huffman.

The event was attended by over 150 students, faculty, and fellows and served as an introduction of the Center to the academic community. Speakers and panelists discussed recent findings in the field of psychosocial epidemiology and the link between health and positive psychological well-being, as well as how we can effectively translate some of these more basic science findings into practice and policy.

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