Center Seminar Series – Suzanne Segerstrom

Suzanne Segerstrom speaking at seminar series

Well-being, Immunosenescence, and the Brain

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 1:00-1:50pm

Suzanne C. Segerstrom, PhD, is a University Research Professor of Psychology at the University of Kentucky. Her research includes investigations into the effects of self-regulation, goals, and goal pursuit on psychological, cognitive, and physical health, particularly in older adults. Dr. Segerstrom’s work has been sponsored by the NIH, the Norman Cousins Program in Psychoneuroimmunology, the Dana Foundation, and the Templeton Foundation. She is the 2002 recipient of a Templeton Positive Psychology Prize for her work on optimism. Dr. Segerstrom earned a BA with majors in Psychology and Music from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where she was named the 2004 Outstanding Young Alumna. She is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Center for Health and Happiness. She earned her MA and PhD degrees in Psychology from University of California, Los Angeles and her MPH in Biostatistics from the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Segerstrom’s talk focused on well-being, immune system aging, and the brain.