About the Center

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health India Research Center, an office of Harvard Global Research Support Centre India, opened in December 2015, through a generous gift from Dr. Swati Piramal, a 1992 graduate of the Harvard Chan School, and Mr. Ajay Piramal, a graduate of Harvard Business School. The Center is designed to facilitate the development of new strategic relationships and build upon existing ones with organizations across India. The Center provides logistical support for its strategic goals of research, teaching, and knowledge translation and communication already underway by the School’s faculty and students and their collaborators in India. Equally important, it offers opportunities to expand those activities and create new projects in the future.

The space itself includes a flexible classroom that can also serve as a meeting space with a capacity of about 50 people; an informal lounge/dining space that can host up to 35 people; office and cubicle space for visiting faculty, staff, and students; and conference room space.

Through research, training, and knowledge translation and communication, the Center aims to:

  • increase the number of well-trained public health leaders, researchers, and managers in India
  • develop innovative strategies for educating new generations of public health leaders in India and globally
  • expand joint research efforts that affect health and health education in India and around the world
  • contribute to translating research results into effective, scalable programs and policies that can work in India and globally
  • strengthen leadership and public health capabilities for central and state governments, as well as private health-sector organizations.
  • promote the establishment of learning networks and collaboratives to zero in on major public health challenges in India, such as tobacco, nutrition, maternal and child health, early childhood development, child protection, human rights, and other areas.
  • convene and participate in meetings, conferences, and workshops to inform public health activities and policies
  • provides a platform to support and facilitate research of Harvard Chan faculty in India
  • facilitate faculty exchange and partnership between public health researchers and Harvard Chan faculty
  • provide opportunities for Harvard Chan students to learn and conduct research with colleagues in India.