Connect with Students

Charmaine Chan, MPH ’22

I’m interested in the social determinants of health and promotion of health equity. I aim to work towards eliminating barriers to health and well-being that underserved populations disproportionately face through community research and intervention work.


Cindy Chwa, MPH ’22

My research interests include policy development and program evaluation of global mental health services through social behavior and psychology in Asian communities. I am also interested in developing evidence-based, race-equity focused solutions supported by qualitative methods.


Jonathan Cruz, MPH ’21

I’m interested in the interplay between physical and mental health among vulnerable populations, including peripartum mortality among women of color and the health consequences of migration and forced relocation.



Roxanne Dupuis, PhD ’22

I am interested in examining the social, environmental, and behavioral determinants of health— particularly with regards to food, food environments, and foodways—with an emphasis on achieving health equity through evidence-based interventions.


Onisha Etkins, PhD ’21

My research interests include the implications of shifting cultural categorizations in health (i.e. categories of race and gender), mental health and substance use in Afro-Caribbean and Indo-Caribbean communities, and the design and implementation of theory-driven interventions.

Julia Healey, MPH ’22

I am interested in the structural social determinants of health in the US, particularly housing and how your zip code influences your health. I want to implement programs and policies to increase health equity related to these issues.

Kenny Nguyen, MPH ’22

I am interested in investigating the linkage between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and mental health outcomes throughout the life course. In addition, I am eager to learn more about how to address social determinants to health through community based interventions and polices.


Caroline Shannon, MPH ’22

I am interested in public health and the built environment. I hope to apply public health knowledge in my work as an architect and to build interdisciplinary coalitions to improve health and health equity across diverse geographies and populations.


Jenna Sherman, MPH ’21

I’m interested in maternal and child health broadly, with a particular interest in improving access to quality reproductive health amidst conflict and other humanitarian crises, such as by mitigating obstetric violence. I’m additionally interested in digital health with a focus on health misinformation online.

Santana Silver, MPH ’21

I’m interested in the links between social inequalities and health disparities, with a focus on how social determinants affect chronic disease and mental illness risk in marginalized populations. I aim to apply this analysis to develop evidence-based programs, practices, and policies that promote health equity.

Beth Stelson, PhD ’22

My research uses a Total Worker Health approach to identify how working conditions in social services, healthcare, and low-wage settings affect the mental and physical health of workers, with an emphasis on studying vicarious trauma. I also work in the field of intimate partner violence and evaluation of abuse intervention programs.

Elise Bottimore Talbot, MPH ’22

I have a background as a critical care nurse with interests in the effects strengthening primary care systems have on combatting non-communicable diseases and maternal/child health conditions. I am passionate about health equity in low and middle income nations, and the many social determinants of health that drive these inequities. Additionally, I am interested in the use of community health workers as a lever to both strengthen primary care systems and drive gender equality.