As a University-wide initiative, the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies brings together scientists from all corners of the Harvard campus – and beyond – to make exciting advances in population research. With seven billion people living on the planet and a projected nine billion by 2050, our focus is on examining the most nuanced trends and important challenges in this century.

Upcoming Seminars

Thursday, March 30 Social Demography Seminar: Fertility and the digital revolution, Francesco Billari, PhD, Professor of Sociology and Demography, Fellow of Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Friday, March 31 – Friday Luncheon Seminar: Linked lives: Mortality effects of cumulative exposure to economic inequality and the role of social policies, Juli Simon Thomas, PhD, Bell Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Pop Center

Thursday, April 6 – Social Demography Seminar: Educational gaps in parenting behavior and academic achievement across cohorts: The United Kingdom, 1958-2000, Margot Jackson, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, Brown University

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